About Me

Sean Conquest

My name is Sean Conquest and I am a Technology student. I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a concentration in Applications and Mobile Development.

This website features many of the projects --and some photography-- that I have worked on throughout the years both as a self directed hobbyist and a student. I have explored many technologies and programming languages in hopes to find my own niche as a developer and the projects page may have a hint of that. While I find most back-end development fascinating, I also enjoy the prospect that what I develop will be used and appreciated (as most back-end development is not, at least by the users).

About PrestigeCode

So this is PrestigeCode.com, a website that has had a lot of different content and lots of history and designs. Now, for this iteration, I will be using PrestigeCode to host my photography portfolio and other small projects. I plan on using this opportunity to continue expanding my knowledge of web design methods and solidifying my understanding of PHP and programming in general as well as of course to display my photography.

I have switched to using bootstrap to design PrestigeCode. Although this may be a similar theme for people who begin using bootstrap libraries, I felt that I should begin using other resources than developing mine from scratch. It has saved me time already and will continue doing so. While I completely agree that learning and exploring CSS is important, it was also important for me to try different things. Bootstrap enables developers to create smart compatible content at a faster rate than one could write from complete scratch.


Contact Me

If you wish to contact me, you can send an email to: admin@prestigecode.com