About Me

Sean Conquest

My name is Sean Conquest and I am an aspiring technology professional. I completed my formal education May 2019 at University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee, receiving my Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a concentration in Applications and Mobile Development. I seek opportunities to use my skills to help your organization achieve the best technology solutions.

Most of the projects that I seek are technology solutions that will make an impact on those who use it, regardless of how many people [actually] use it. I try to use resources that make sense for what I am doing and make programs that are beneficial to me and other people. I support the approach that simple is better. I push for simplicity when creating solutions so that they are easy to read and are not overly complicated.

About PrestigeCode

PrestigeCode is my personal website, a hub for my projects and photography, and a portfolio. Here I keep my work for display. While it’s not entirely encompassing, it shows a fair number of projects I developed over the years… at least the ones I could recover. Feel free to explore what I have under the projects page, but please do so at your own discretion.

This website features many of the projects --and some photography-- that I have worked on throughout the years both as a self-directed hobbyist and a student. I have explored many technologies and programming languages in hopes to find my own niche as a developer and the projects page may have a hint of that. While I find most back-end development fascinating, I also enjoy the prospect that what I develop will be used and appreciated by my peers and ultimately useful for the end users.

PrestigeCode History

The name PrestigeCode came from a small brainstorm with the idea that I could make some sort of income online. I was young and naïve but nonetheless motivated. I never followed through with the idea. I went ahead and started to learn some simple HTML and CSS, didn’t really have a direct goal but to boast to my friends that I had a website (while in 6th grade). I had hosted it off my laptop, so it wasn’t reliably online. Eventually I found an older desktop to use as a server, I went ahead and moved everything over to that. It was reliable for around 3 years, only turning off when the cursed Florida lightning storms came rolling in.

Fast forward to present. I migrated everything over to AWS from my raspberry pi which had been my dedicated server for a few years before moving to NYC. I decided to change the entire design and moved to using Bootstrap for a modernized design and mobile compatibility. The move to bootstrap saved me time so that I could focus on my senior project and other small projects on my days off.

Contact Me

If you wish to contact me, you can send an email to: admin@prestigecode.com