Using core object-oriented programming techniques, I have made a simple text based game. Although there is not a lot of content thus far, there is functionality established. The game is currently not finished. I plan on adding more content to it to make it feel less bare.

The jar is signed with a weak algorithm. In order to load the application (assuming your security settings are high or very-high) you will have to whitelist the project jar (KekWorld.jar) or whitelist (

Alternatively, you can download the JAR file and run it with the command java -jar KekWorld.jar in the same directory that it is located in.

This project is now on Github! I've transfered the game to github where you can take a look at it's source code.
Launch the application

If an error occurs, you can alternatively download the zip file that will contain the appropriate files to run the program.

Some sample images:

To start the boss fight, type only bossfight.